Makaton is such a special language. It gives chances for people that couldn’t be heard correctly to be heard loud and clear.

In my workplace we use makaton in every sentence that we speak so the children (my special gems) can understand that little bit more clearer what we’re saying.

Today while walking in the street with my friend who had a dog. This lady came up and started signing in Makaton

is the dog a boy or a girl

well without even thinking I signed back the answer. My friend didn’t understand what a clue was going on! Makaton or any sort of sign language is a way of communicating and that’s one of the ways that i know how to communicate.

The lady doesn’t normally bump into many people that can sign, so she called all her friends over and we talked (well signed) for about half an hour.

This was a truly amazing experience and these ladies are an example of some truly precious gems.


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